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Constitution of

Distinguished Citizens Society International Eastern USA




Article 1


This organization shall be known as the Distinguished Citizens Society International Eastern USA, abbreviated as DCSIE.


Article 2


DCSIE is a nonprofit organization.


Article 3


DCSIE is registered and operating in the State of New Jersey.





Article 4


The purpose of DCSIE is to provide humanity support to the community, to advocate educational, professional, cultural and community activities; and to promote networking and fellowship among its members.





Article 5


The DCSIE membership consists of the following three categories:

  1. Regular member: individual nominated by DCSIE member and approved by majority of the Board.
  2. Associate member: individual, under the age of 18, nominated by DCSIE members and approved by majority of the Board.
  3. Honorable members including
    1. Founding members who serve as permanent members of the Board of Directors".
    2. Past Presidents who become non-voting, honorable members of the Board of Directors".
    3. Distinguished individuals who have made notable contributions to the community/society and has been so selected by the Board.


Article 6


Members must meet their obligations to the DCSIE to maintain their membership in good standing. Membership may be revoked in the event of serious infractions against the DCSIE or its constitution, or in the event of any convicted criminal conduct.


Article 7


Members shall have the right to motion to the Board the nomination of officers, or removal of officers in the event of non-performance or malfeasance.


Article 8


Members are obliged to abide to the DCSIE constitution and any subsequent resolutions, carry out assigned tasks and duties, pay membership dues, and attend meetings of the DCSIE.





Article 9


  1. The DCSIE shall be governed by a Board of Directors (hereinafter called the Board) consisting of no less than seven members, The term of a member of the Board shall be three years, and more than one term of service is permissible. The Membership & Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of candidates for the Board members of the forthcoming year. Candidates are to be voted for approval by the general members at the last quarterly meeting of the year.


  1. The Board shall elect one among them to be the Chairperson of the Board.


  1. The Board shall assemble among its members the Executive Officers for:
    •  President
    •  First Vice President
    •  Second Vice President


  1. The term of the President is one year. Upon the recommendation by the Board of Directors, the president’s term may be extended for another year. In this instance, the term of the First and Second Vice President is also extended for one more year.
  2. The elected President shall serve as the chair of the Executive Officers who has the responsibility to oversee the operation of DCSIE and represent the DCSIE in its external affairs. The President shall have the prerogative to appoint a Secretary and a Treasurer to form the complete body of the Executive Officers.


  1. The elected First Vice President shall assist the President in carrying out the work of DCSIE, and assume the President’s function in his/her temporary absence. At the end of one-year term, the First Vice President shall succeed as the President upon the confirmation by the Board.


  1. The elected Second Vice President shall assist the President and the First Vice President to become familiar with all aspects of DCSIE’s operations. The Second Vice President, at the end of one-year term, shall succeed as the First Vice President upon confirmation by the Board.


  1. The Secretary has the responsibility of:

·      Sending out meeting notices,

·      Taking and issuing meeting minutes,

·      Assisting the President in conducting the operations of DCSIE,

·      Being the custodian of all legal records of the DCSIE.


  1. The Treasurer shall:

·      Maintain the financial records of DCSIE;

·      Establish and maintain relations with financial institutions on behalf of DCSIE and its organizations,

·      File income tax return if necessary,

·      Oversee payment of all bills authorized pursuant to the bylaws,

·      Prepare a financial report at the last quarterly meeting of the year,

·      Deliver to his or her successor, all DCSIE records, whether in written, electronic, or other format, and all other property of DCSIE in his or her possession or control.


  1. In the event the President is unable to carry out his/her duty or the office becomes vacant as a result of resignation or removal, the First Vice President shall succeed as the President upon confirmation by the Board.


  1. The Board shall meet at least twice a year at a time to be determined by Chairperson of the Board.


  1. Board meetings may be communicated by any appropriate means such as proxies, phone, fax or email.





Article 10


In order to carry out its activities, the DCSIE may establish an executive committee, chaired by the president, which includes the following working committees:

  1. Membership and Nominating Committee
  2. Event Committee
  3. Public Relation Committee
  4. Others by need.


Each committee shall select a leader, and a co-leader. The committee shall set their own meeting schedules as might be determined by particular tasks and the necessary timing of their accomplishment.





Article 11


The fiscal year of DCSIE shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31, inclusive.


Article 12


Notice of meetings of the Board of Directors will be given two weeks in advance. A quorum for these meeting will be consisting of one half of the Board members, and resolutions of other decisions of the directors will require a majority vote in order to take effect.


Article 13


Notice of meetings of the general members will be given two weeks in advance. Any motion initiated by members to be accepted by the Board required signatures of at least one half of the current members.


Article 14


Two months prior to the end of the year, the President and the Treasurer shall submit to the Board an annual work report including a financial report and an asset inventory.


Article 15


In the event of dissolution of this organization, after all debts have been satisfied, the remaining assets shall be distributed, in such amounts as the Board of Directors may determine, exclusively to charitable, religious or educational organizations which would then qualify under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Code or to the United States, or a State or local government, for a public purpose. Any assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by a court of competent jurisdiction of the Mercer County in which the principal office of the DCSIE is located, exclusively for such purpose.




Article 16

A constitutional amendment can be initiated by a resolution recommended by the majority of the Board of Directors.


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